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Dresses made of Dreams

After going to fashion school and making a couple collections for Nayade, I started considering where my textiles were coming from, the life span of the pieces, and waste of materials.

I stopped the clothing production for a whole year to figure out what I wanted to do with the brand, and then one night an awesome idea occurred to me: I could use vintage sarees from India to make unique dresses. They would be made of silk, which is not only compostable but a lovely material to have in contact with one's skin. Moreover, I'd be upcycling fabric that already has a past.

Since I visited India some years ago I wanted to work with the fabrics they make but without having the clothing look like something out of Indian folklore.

The first batch of dresses is now out and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. They look like they came out of a Russian princess closet.

Here are some analog pictures taken by Hector Alamilla

Model Yazmin Osornio

Special thanks to Rancho la Stella for letting us use the premises and ride your horses.

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