It's widely known that Ofelia loves to sit down and enjoy a Macchiato.

If you are to stroll in a beautiful city take her with you, all the things you might need fit in it, phone, passport, lipstick, you name it! Ofelia will keep it for you.

Ofelia Bag

SKU: 0004
  • Since every piece is handmade please keep in mind that the color or the size might be slightly different, but always beautiful.


    The bags are handwoven by mexican artisans, and the knobs are handpainted in India (since each knob is unique you might not get the exact one from the picture).

  • Since every product is unique we don't offer refunds. But if for whaterver reason you're not happy with your purchase please contact us and we'll exchange it for another one.

    Shipping fares, and any occuring taxes, will both be paid for by the customer.