We are the ones who sing to the stars on summer nights. The ones who weave the moonlight. We are the spirits of the river. We are Naiads.

The brand was born after a trip to Michoacan, Mexico, where the colors, textures and different forms of arts-and-crafts are combined to create an animal shaped bag, made of braided palm leaf. The perfect accessory that becomes a collectible piece.

Náyade is the magic of living. We are those unforgettable moments etched in our memory: nights beneath the moon discovering the constellations; the first time skinny-dipping; kisses given by a bonfire; songs whispered in our ear before sleep.

Our goal is that anyone that wears one of our creations, as well as whoever looks at it, feels transported back to those magical moments and feel that innocent joy again.


100% Handmade

Woman Run 




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