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We are the ones who sing to the stars on summer nights. The ones who weave the moonlight. We are the spirits of the river. We are Naiads.

Long ago when magic was alive in every corner of the earth, it was easier to connect to ethereal beings.

One could go deep into the forest and be with the Fae, or there would be a wise woman in every town who could make charms, cast and break spells.

You could even go to Delphi and consult the Oracle where the priestesses would give you a riddle for an answer. Sometimes the luckiest ones would come upon a demi goddess, a nymph, usually when they least expected it, and she would gift them with a wise message and other magical tools that would help them on their journey.

Since then the nymphs have been neglected, and few are those who remember to look for their guidance. All my creations are meant to counteract the forgetfulness of all these years, to reconnect us with the divine feminine and the wisdom of the Nymphs.


I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do,

Stephania Prieto.



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